A stay at a Residential Treatment Centre is part of the Harmony House program.
If MCFD is involved, the resident needs to follow their supervision order as well as Harmony House rules and expectations.

We encourage all residents to have a cell phone as our phone is strictly for business purposes. We expect only short phone calls in communal spaces and if longer calls are necessary to hold those conversations in the resident’s own room.
Cell phones are not allowed during mealtime, when feeding or watching children, and in meetings. Due to confidentiality concerns no video chatting or taking pictures is allowed in common areas. Posting on social media is prohibited.
CURFEWS: Sunday to Thursday 8:00 pm.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday (if long weekend): 9:00 pm

MEALS: Residents make their own breakfast and lunch but must be home to prepare and eat dinner together with staff and residents at 4:30 pm Monday to Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday residents can go out for dinner but must tell staff of plans in the morning.

Every resident has chores and they must be done daily and checked off with staff before going out in the evening. Every resident prepares a meal and helps with dishes and kitchen clean up. 

During the week Monday to Friday TV may go on at 3:00 pm (children’s movies may be put on earlier). On Saturday and Sunday TV may go on at any time. TV must be off at 12:00 midnight on all nights. MOVIES: On Friday, Saturday and Sunday residents may choose a pay movie, but movie must be put on by 10:00 pm so movie is finished at midnight.

We expect residents to be out in the common areas as much as possible. Isolating in rooms is not allowed except for naps and short retreats.

Visiting other residents in their rooms is not allowed.

: Max two Visitors are allowed every day between 2:00-4:00 pm, provided “they are in a good way”, and approved by staff. 

 are allowed only on Saturdays and Sundays and they must be either a supportive father or grandfather. Any other arrangements must be approved by staff beforehand.

We encourage all women to use their cell phones for their appointments. We do not take messages from men (some exceptions apply) and we do not take messages from jail.

We expect residents to be courteous to staff and other residents: no swearing, gossiping or bullying allowed.

 Smoking is allowed outside in the back yard, at least 9 feet away from the outside door (city bylaw). MARIJUANA is not allowed in HH nor can it be smoked at all during HH stay. Refusal to abide by this rule may lead to an early discharge from Harmony House.

We understand that a slip or relapse can occur and is part of the healing journey; if that occurs, we take care of the baby while the resident stays in her room to recuperate. We help the resident make a fast turn around, so she can take over the care of the baby as soon as possible. If behaviour while under the influence is too disruptive, we ask the resident to stay at a low barrier shelter and to return when clean and sober. We treat each case individually. Some residents go to Detox, some put their children into voluntary care, and we help them go to an appropriate residential treatment centre. At all times we ensure safety for the women and their children.

We encourage residents to talk to staff regarding any concerns or challenges they may have. This is so we can be proactive, and problem solve together in a timely manner.
If it becomes clear that a resident violates our curfews, rules, or endangers herself, other residents, children or staff, we can hold her to a behavioural contract. If contract is not adhered to, discharge from Harmony House and children being taken into Ministry’s care will occur.